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Buying Carpets – Safe, Hygienic and Cosy Carpet Care For the Elderly


Carpeting the home is a great way to make it welcoming and cosy for elderly people. Common sense affirms that it’s much less likely that they will slip on a carpet compared to a smooth floor, particularly if there is any wet spillage. A soft textured surface will always feel safer to an elderly person allowing them to maintain confidence and ease of movement. A smooth floor can cause an elderly person to be cautious and feel […]

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Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent : A Guide for Stressed-Out Children


Do You Have An Aging Parent Who — Blames you for everything that goes wrong? Cannot tolerate being alone, wants you all the time? Is obsessed with health problems, real, or imagined? Make unreasonable and/or irrational demands of you? Is hostile, negative and critical? Coping with these traits in parents is an endless high-stress battle for their children. Though there’s no medical defination for “difficult” parents, you know when you have one. While it’s rare for adults […]

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Nursing: Holding Loved Ones Close To Heart – Care, Memory, Aging, Healthcare (Dementia, Caregiving, Alzheimers, Dementia Care, Parent Care, Caregiver, Nursing Student)


Learn the Home Care Essentials You and Your Family Need to Thrive! Are you caring for an aging friend or family member? Do you need help taking care of some one near and dear to you? Are you interested in getting the home care you need? If so, then Nursing: Holding Loved Ones Close to Heart – Care, Memory, Aging, Healthcare is the book youve been waiting for. Youll discover what to expect as people age and […]

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Remember Me?: Loving and Caring for a Dog with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction


Remember Me? is a guidebook for owners of dogs who are losing their mental faculties as they age, and the story of a dog and owner who retained their bond through this most difficult situation. If you have an aging dog, Remember Me? will give you the information you need to weather the difficult condition and give your dog the most fulfilling life possible. In Remember Me, you will learn: About the symptoms of canine cognitive dysfunction, […]

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Elder Care – Understanding the 5 Types of Urinary Incontinence


Are you or your elder frustrated with frequent wetting instances? Many folks think that urinary incontinence (the fancy name for wetting oneself) is a normal part of growing old. While this issue can be tied to some age related issues, in many cases, it can be avoided. Avoiding this situation if at all possible is important for many reasons. First, many senior who experience this tend to withdraw from social interaction due to the embarrassment it causes. […]

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