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3 Nursing Home Activities to Boost Health and Happiness


When selecting a nursing home or assisted living housing for a loved one, it’s important to consider every aspect of what the facility has to offer. Obviously, it’s important that the home is clean and comfortable, with a fully-qualified staff available around the clock to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your relative. However, many families fail to consider what kinds of additional services the aged care home might provide, particularly with regard to leisure activities. Your […]

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How to Honor Your Aging Parents: Fundamental Principles of Caregiving


Too often, people enter the role of caregiver for an aging parent unprepared, and, as a result of exhaustion, exasperation, and guilt, fail in their objective. These are not bad, lazy, negligent people. Most of the time, they simply tried to do too much. Written for any person who is caregiving or who anticipates that they will be called upon to give some form of care to an elder, this book sets out to prepare caregivers to […]

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Senior Health Assessment 6.0: What should you expect at your age? A lot! ®


Introduction to the Senior Health Assessment“Ask not what your doctor can do for you, ask what you can do for your doctor and yourself”with gratitude to President John F. KennedyThere will never be enough geriatricians – doctors (like me) who are specially trained to treat older people – to care for our rapidly aging population. Likewise, there will likely never be enough internists or family practitioners with similar knowledge to care for older adults the way they […]

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Loving Voice II: A Caregiver’s Book of More Read-Aloud Stories for the Elderly


A wonderful anthology of short stories that were written by first-class American authors and designed specifically to be read aloud to elderly people. This book, and it’s accompanying first volume, A Loving Voice: A Caregiver’s book of Read-Aloud Stories for the Elderly, has received critical acclaim from professional caregivers and grateful family members alike for its inventive method of communicating with and bringing joy to the bed-bound and the home-bound.Used Book in Good Condition $25.95   Customer […]

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Hospice FAQ – Caring For an Aging Parent at the End of Life


What is hospice? The idea is rooted in the ages-old idea of hospitality, which allowed travelers to rest after a long journey. Hospice services are designed to ease patients and their family into the final stage of life. Hospices offer management of pain or disease-related symptoms and spiritual and emotional support. Some providers also offer respite care as well as elder caregiver support. Care can be provided in the hospital, at the patient’s home, or in special […]

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The Thoughtful Caregiver: Surviving, Thriving and Growing in Spirit as You Care for Your Elderly Parent


In the summer of 2009, Rebecca James Hecking’s elderly father suffered a catastrophic fall that turned his life upside down and launched her into nearly six years of active caregiving for both her parents. The experience was emotionally challenging, heart opening and ultimately life changing. Written to provide emotional support and practical advice for you, the adult child caregiver, it will help you navigate the many challenges you may encounter as you care for your elderly parent. […]

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It’s Because I Love You: An Information Guide On Senior Caregiving


Caregiving Does Not Need To Be A Burden. Learn how to become a good caregiver and advocate. A short, informative book for caregivers, adult children, family members, and others to be used as a resource tool to assist with caring for a dependent person in today’s complex healthcare system. Here is a tool for you to use for caring for, choosing the type of care as needed, preparing for the senior years, and understanding the feelings along […]

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Centers for Ending: The Coming Crisis in the Care of Aged People (Caregiving: Research • Practice • Policy)


As people live longer and health care costs continue to rise and fewer doctors choose to specialize in geriatrics, how prepared is the United States to care for its sick and elderly? According to veteran psychologist Seymour Sarason’s eloquent and compelling new book, the answer is: inadequately at best. And rarely discussed among the grim statistics is the psychosocial price paid by nursing home patients, from loneliness and isolation to depression and dependency. In Centers for Ending, […]

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