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Caregiving: How to Hold On While Letting Go


Caregivers understand when I say I found dentures in my ice-maker, socks in the disposal, and good silverware in the trash. Bizarre behavior can become the norm, but it does not have to depress you. Being prepared both physically and emotionally can be a game changer. As a caregiver of my mother-in-law with Alzheimer’s, Dad with Parkinson’s, and mom with Dementia, I have seen some bizarre stuff. This book is about learning to laugh or at least […]

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The Critical Importance of Recreation For Senior Citizens

As our population ages, there is increasing emphasis on teaching and learning lifelong recreational skills. Research has shown that recreation is an important part of an individual’s social behavior. Recreation plays a critical role in the lives of older adults by contributing to an improved quality of life. People who participate in recreational activities as senior citizens report significantly more life satisfaction than those who do not. Physical recreation is especially important. Engaging in physical activity reduces […]

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The Girls


Meet the four Witkovsky sisters in this “fierce, hopeful” novel about growing old, “lightened by a wicked sense of humor” (Newsday). Eighty-year-old Jenny—the baby of the family—has flown down to Miami, Florida—that gaudy, pastel-hued haven of the elderly—to look after her two oldest sisters: Eva, still going strong at ninety-five, and Naomi, ninety, who is riddled with cancer but retains her tart tongue and her jet-black head of hair. Then there’s Flora, an energetic eighty-five, who spends […]

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And the Marketer Said: “Let There Be Leads!”: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Home Care Business


**All Pre-Orders are eligible for addition to our private FB marketing group** Send proof of pruchase to And the Marketer Said, “Let There Be Leads!”(The Owner Saw the Leads, and the Leads Were Good!)The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Home Care BusinessOwners and marketers of home care agencies consistently ask these questions:How do we make the phone ring with qualified leads? How do we get more qualified inquiries or leads from the internet? How do we […]

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Honoring the Elderly: A Christian’s Duty to Aging Parents


In Honoring the Elderly, author and Presbyterian minister Brian L. De Jong combines biblical insights with practical advice for eldercare. His work shows you both the importance and the realities of caring for your aging parents or other loved ones. De Jong recognized the need for Honoring the Elderly after speaking with the adult Sunday school class at his church. Many families had elderly parents who needed help but didn’t know how to begin such an enormous […]

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Elderly Mobility Challenges – Falling Out of Bed – Why Bed Rails Are Not Mobility Aids

Mobility issues in general are misunderstood and lack appropriate solutions to address the problem. One issue is why, do people fall out of bed and why is it such a healthcare mystery. You may wonder how beds and bed rails equal a mobility issue until you understand a century old misconception. Many bed falls are mobility related. The most common solutions were to confine the person or restrain them with bed rails, sometimes both. Today’s focus is […]

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Long Term Care Guide: Essential Tips For Solving The Elder Care Puzzle


When an older adult begins to require assistance with activities of daily living, or experiences a healthcare crisis, a family may feel threatened by potential social, emotional, physical, financial, and legal challenges. Solving the long-term care puzzle is easier for a caregiver who has a guide, not only to understand a present challenge, but to foresee a potential catastrophe down the road. This book is composed of published articles written by Elder Law attorneys and an Elder […]

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