Finduat Wireless Doorbell Operating 900 feet Range with Over 36 Chimes & Adjustable Volume, No Radiation Cordless Music Door Set for Home Villa Apartment Elder-care (White,Waterproof)

Healthy life. The ubiquitous caring. Let you enjoy the comfort and content! Out professional and careful making will Bring more good products to everyone.

Humanized design, do not need to turn to professional or installation simple, completely free decorating expense, avoid iron wall, insert the indoor conventional socket can be used, can move installation location.

Using high frequency wireless transmission techniques, innovation of same frequency codes and dial the code function, one yard rang error rate to zero, effectively avoid the interference of the neighborhood the annoyance and false starts.

Open straight through strict test of remote control distance of not less than 280 meters, the barrier is much better than the results of similar products in the industry, can meet the needs of different family environment, average household 50 meters enough.

Exclusive use of a new generation of constant voltage circuit design, achieve the high efficiency and energy saving effect, effectively increase the service life of more than 50%.

Doorbell consumes less than 3W, 23A transmitter use 12V battery, don’t push power, normal use can be up to 2 years (lab test, according to 15 times a day).

Wide range of USES, in addition to the used as ordinary doorbell, more can be used as a contact, pager, patient care, emergency notification and other special purposes.


Operating current (receiver unit): AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz

Operating current (doorbell unit): 12V(1X23A Battery, included)

Transmission Range: 280M/900ft(Open Area)

Transmission Frequency : 433.92_+0.5Mhz

Power consumption of transmitter: <10mw Internal Sounds: 36 chimes Contracted and fashionable streamline modeling , dust control panel, not only effective dustproof, and easy to clean. Let the perfect home spotlessly clean from now on . A new ABS materials shape, not only non-toxic tasteless, but hardy heat-resistant, So Seiko secret agents only for your healthy life
The bell sound is no longer just a simple “ding dong” sound, but more wonderful 32 and twang. More important is ringing up to 36 first, since then, the doorbell is not the exclusive of household, places the usability more broad.
The doorbell no obstacle in the open through strict test of remote distance, the barrier is much better than similar products industry, the results can meet the needs of different environment
Innovative technology, guarantee the long distance control efforts at the same time to eliminate the electromagnetic radiation, truly achieves zero radiation; Using high quality raw material processing, lead-free ‘non-toxic harmless, Even children, pregnant women, the elderly can be at ease of use
Using ultra low power design, energy conservation, environmental protection, through professional design optimized after the chip and circuit design of the biggest power only 2 W, standby power consumption 0.5 W. Don’t need to worry about for a long time high electricity use, also you a green earth



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