The Dutiful Daughter’s Guide to Caregiving: A Practical Memoir

When Judith’s mother and father became ill, even her reputation as a pragmatist, a planner and a dutiful daughter (her father’s term) couldn’t prepare her for what lay ahead – a long list of concerns that included navigating an unfamiliar healthcare system, addressing financial and legal issues, dealing with stress and family dynamics, choosing a rehab center, and ultimately, making hospice arrangements

 Doing what came naturally to her, she captured these experiences on paper, writing about what worked and what didn’t; about finding humor in the oddest places; and the ways in which the past, present and future often intersect.

 As Judith looks back at her childhood, and reveals intimate stories about assisting both her parents years later, she also shares practical suggestions and critical information on topics every son and daughter should know as their own caregiving journey begins.  

 Delivered in a no-nonsense style, with a healthy dose of humor, this is a guide to buy in bulk. One for you, and the rest for all your friends with aging parents.  



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